Saturday, September 13, 2008

First Light Chronicles Omnibus Makes The Top 10!

About a month and a half ago I released my science fiction and fantasy books on Mobipocket and about 20 other eBook retailers around the world. Mobipocket is one of the largest, with a lot of selling power for the eBook market since that's all they sell and they're well known in many parts of Europe.

Sales have been fairly steady, and the comments regarding the First Light Chronicles Omnibus have been nothing short of generous. Recently I checked the sites reports to find sales had spiked drastically, something had changed.

I looked into it and found that not only was First Light Chronicles Omnibus featured right beside a new Star Trek Novel in the MobiPocket newsletter, but it had risen to number seven in the 'Best Of Science Fiction' category on their site! It's also the third most highly rated Science Fiction novel in their catalog.

The First Light Chronicles Omnibus is a collection of the three books in the First Light Chronicles: Freeground, Limbo and Starfree Port. It takes place before the Spinward Fringe Series and focuses on a group of people from Freeground station who have been given the task of going into the galaxy to discover and bring back new technology. The real focus of the story is actually about the relationships some of these characters have and how they learn to cope with their unique situation. It's a character driven Space Opera that runs on a very quick pace since it was written like a 6 part television miniseries in first person prose.

It's fantastic to have this kind of validation, to see the beginning of this kind of success. Even if it doesn't last it's great encouragement to an independent writer such as myself. I write full time, and if sales continue to grow I'll be able to afford to do that for much longer. That's really all money means to me at this point. Good sales would allow me to do what I love for a living and continue to entertain people.

Right now I entertain a few dozen people. I hope that turns into hundreds then thousands so I can keep writing these and other books on a television production schedule like I am now. I finish a new novella or full blown novel every two to six weeks depending on how complex the story is and how much research is involved. I love doing it, all other forms of entertainment pale in comparison to the time I spend writing out the film running in my brain.

I'm very happy more people are experiencing the stories I'm telling, and I hope as time goes by I get the opportunity to entertain a far greater number.

Now I'm off to continue working on Spinward Fringe Book III as my editor works her magic on the second book in that series. All I can tell you about the second and third books in the Spinward Fringe series is that I'm penning a story that has me so excited that I'm having trouble typing in a seated position.


I love you guys. Without you I'd be writing, yes, but not nearly as often and possibly not as well.

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