Friday, January 30, 2009

Sometimes Ya Just Gotta Do It In Public

Last Friday the greatest internet radio talk show ever mentioned so many times I lost count. It really brought into focus all the attention and airtime that the guys have given. That's not even going into the honest reviews Geoff and the guys (J and Ross - Mickey isn't into the Sci-fi, understandable), have put to air.

These are some talented podcasters who manage to put out three hours at a time each week. A lot of people don't know how hard that is, just showing up on your own at the same time every week isn't easy, imagine three guys showing up at the same time every week, that's bloody hard. They're coming up on 300 episodes. Epic, simply epic.

They manage to do it and be funny enough to keep me listening and trust me, I'm a former Revision3 and TikiTV watcher. Though they're great casts, I only have time for one podcast, and for me that's SomaCow.

Now just imagine for a moment that your favorite podcast or TV show is actually actively trying to help you accomplish something by giving you airtime, putting your name where it will be noticed and flashing your website. That's really amazing to me.

Here's me taking a moment to thank J for sucking me in about 8 months ago and being a great third chair, Geoff for the studio, the reviews and everything else, Mickey for being the almost always intelligent and practical Mickey, and Ross for being so enthusiastic.

Check them out at: if you haven't already.


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