Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Empire Expands: Randolph Lalonde's Wikipedia Page!

Waaaaay before I ever expected it to happen, someone has gone and created a page for me on Wikipedia! I'm surprised, I'm astonished, I'm flattered, and I'm indebted to Glenn Webber who is a fellow Canadian, SomaCow listener and actually a little new to Wikipedia. I believe he may have gotten some help from SomaCow as well, and let's face it, I'm already thankful to the guys there for other reasons, this is just another layer to the pile, which is getting pretty high. They talk all about how I got a Wikipedia page in this broadcast, so check it out.

The page looks pretty good, and after taking a look at it there are only a couple corrections to be made, which Glenn is happy to make. I waited a few days to post about the page here just in case the people at Wikipedia yank the page, which they've been known to do to certain blogs, bloggers, books, authors and even the greatest Internet radio show ever.

I like Wikipedia, despite the massive stigma they seem to have about people editing their own pages, which I can understand from a certain point of view. I like Wikipedia so much that I donated a little while ago (when money times were a little brighter), but even so I'll have to leave it to you dear readers to add something if you think it's worth seeing there. I only ask that you don't post plot line spoilers and that you try to post only factual info that could be verified. If you're looking to verify something you can trust everything that's said on this site or you can Email me. Having said that, there's another reason why I like having a Wikipedia page: it's yet another way to be connected to the few hundred people who I'm fortunate enough to entertain. If everyone whose ever bought one of my books had me on speed dial I'd never get anything done, but being connected to people who support me through the Internet feels just about right.

Anyway, a very special thanks to Glenn Webber and SomaCow who have given everyone a new place to learn about me and what I do. Support in any positive form is welcome, and a Wikipedia page is pretty amazing. If I could afford to post-act bribe someone (I think they call that rewarding someone in normal language), I would send stuff to Glenn, but sadly, I'm still on a shoestring budget.


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