Tuesday, July 21, 2009

First Light Chronicles Omnibus: At Amazon for $0.80 for a limited time.

As a part of the Spinward Fringe Seven Book Celebration the First Light Chronicles Omnibus is available on Amazon's Kindle Reader for $0.80 US for a limited time. It will never be on sale at this price again.

The First Light Chronicles
is the precursor to the entire Spinward Fringe series. It contains the three novellas in that series and the afterword that discusses why and how it was written. It also addresses the Spinward Fringe series and why the story had to go on. Even though I believe I've written better fiction since, I can't help but be proud of the enthusiasm, creativity and style of this short series.

Here's the synopsis for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about.

In the middle of the darkest region of explored space sits one bright beacon; Freeground Station. Serving as a supply and trading post it is home to a select number of human beings that will take an unlikely chance to make a difference in their end of the galaxy.

Jonas and his friends spent their spare time in tactical simulations and drew the attention of Freeground Fleet Command when they hacked into restricted combat scenarios for elite trainees and defeated all comers.

Instead of punishing Jonas and his friends they offered them an opportunity to undertake a dangerous and exciting mission. They were to go out into the Galaxy and acquire any advantages that would improve life for Freegrounders.

This series is about their first voyage together, the challenges they face, and the relationships they forge with each other and the beings they meet along the way.

The First Light Chronicles Omnibus contains the entire First Light Chronicles Trilogy. Freeground, Limbo and Starfree Port.

The Spinward Fringe Series follows this collection in the following order: Spinward Fringe Resurrection, Awakening, Triton and Frontline.

- End Synopsis -

If you know someone who enjoys first person perspective storytelling, fantasy, science fiction or fiction in general it's a great time to recommend this to them. The entire Spinward Fringe series is also available on Amazon Kindle Reader and in print.


A special thanks to Geoff for announcing the effort to spread the First Light Chronicles far and wide on Somacow!

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