Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The books, the work, and the readers.

The best thing about having a distributor that pushes your work is seeing that there are readers. There's something even better that figures into that and it's when you release fairly affordable novellas that allow anyone to say; "Okay, I liked the first and the second, but I don't feel like continuing." They can just turn around and decide not to buy the next one.

There's a special reward when I see a couple dozen sales of Freeground, the first book in the First Light Chronicles, on Monday. Then on Wednesday I see them come back and buy Limbo, then Starfree Port and Spinward Fringe: Resurrection on Friday. That's a truly special reward, and keep in mind I don't make more than a couple dollars per copy, so that signal I'm getting from the readers that they want more, they are very interested in the stories I have such pleasure telling is wonderful. It means more than the money, though the cash does pay the bills, let's face it.

Would I write all this stuff if it weren't for the people reading it? Hell yeah. Would it happen as quickly or be as good? I strongly suspect it would be quite as good. Readers challenge me, through emails, even on the radio like Ross at SomaCow. An educated opinion is worth hearing, and man, they come at me like a storm some days. I take it all with a grain of salt, everyone has different expectations, but there are lessons there if you keep an open mind.

Following this little rant, you'll find info on the next Spinward Fringe Novels. But going forward I need everyone to know; I just spent over forty hours writing in three days and I am in paradise. The stories come easy, the characters stand up and demand attention, and the work is wonderful.

The readers have spoken, you're starting to buy, and I can tell you with full confidence whether you're reading the Fate Cycle series, the First Light Chronicles or the Unlimited Spinward Fringe series: You ain't seen nothin' yet.


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