Saturday, August 9, 2008

Spinward Fringe: Frequently Asked Questions 1

A few questions have come to me regarding the new Science Fiction series I'm writing and not only am I ecstatic that anyone is interested enough to ask questions this early on, but I'm willing to answer a few!

Q: What is Spinward Fringe?
A: Spinward Fringe is a science fiction series that takes place several years after the First Light Chronicles.

Q: What does the name 'Spinward Fringe' mean?
A: Spinward refers to the direction the galaxy is turning. Fringe (in this case), refers to the outer end of the spiral arm of a galaxy. In short, the name refers to where this saga takes place, on the outer edge of the Milky Way. Our home galaxy.

Q: Is it written like a television show like the First Light Chronicles?
A: Yes, I'm still writing in a fast paced style that fits well into a 42 or 84 minute format. The difference is that the stories are much broader and it's not written in first person so I have more freedom in the telling. Some of the books may run longer.

Q: Is it true that a studio has shown some interest in making the First Light Chronicles into a television series?
A: A film maker has approached me but is poorer than I am and doesn't have any financing connections. I would love to option the series to the right people though.

Q: Is Spinward Fringe about the same characters from The First Light Chronicles?
A: Yes. They appear in ways you will and will not expect.

Q: Why not just continue under the title of The First Light Chronicles?
A: The various reasons for the end of that series are built into the plot. you'll know why as soon as you've finished reading Freeground, Limbo and Starfree Port. Enjoy!

Q: Will we see Alice in the Spinward Fringe series?
A: Yes.

Q: How many books will be in this series?
A: Spinward Fringe is being written as an epic Science Fiction Unlimited Series. Everything I write for science fiction will be under that banner unless I'm hired out by Lucas, Whedon, Moore or Spielberg. I'm not planning an ending for this series and I know it's something I'll be coming back to often.

Q: Will we see something soon?
A: The first, second and third books in this series are finished and available in print and eBook formats through the online store. The next storyline is in the works and will arc over at least two to three volumes.

Q: Do you always write cliffhangers?
A: Yes, no, well I'm not sure. Why don't I think about it and get back to you?

Well, that's enough info for now. If you have any questions for me that don't have anything to do with "how do I get published, get an agent or can you edit my stuff?" then send me an email at

Thank you for visiting and stay tuned, there's more info on the way.



BearyAnn said...

My husband finished the series thus far and passed it along to me. I was immediately drawn into the lives of Jonas and Oz and Ming. I want an AI like Alice of my own. I enjoy your writing style and can visual all the action as I read it. A TV series in my head :)
We are both anxiously awaiting "Frontline" to hit mobipocket.

Randolph said...

Thank you for your comment!

I know I'm really late in replying here, but let me say that I'm happy to hear you and your husband are enjoying the series (at least up to Frontline).

You can rest assured that the TV series is still going strong in MY head (even though it may be a little different these days), and I'm enjoying working on the Rogue Element trilogy at the moment, which includes a lot of focus on your favorite characters, as it so happens.

Thank you for reading!

Anonymous said...

Everybody asks about Spinward Fringe 7 because like me they really enjoy this series of stories. I discovered you just a few months ago, have bought everything in the Spinward Fringe world and like others
am trying to patiently wait for Fragments.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best series ive ever read. I would put this next to Webers Honor Harrington series and not be certain which is better. I love the way the series floes together. I hope to enjoy many more of your books in the future

Troy Allen said...

Incredible Series. Cannot wait for Broadcast 8!! I would love to see what Whedon would do with this :)

Joseph Gordon said...

I love this series, I had to force myself to stop reading all the way thru each book in one sitting. I cant waiting for boardcast 8!!!!! There is so much going on, the characters are so well written and detailed that they just come to life. You have a fan forever please don't let this series go the way of other great ones like FireFly. Spinward fringe can be one of those stories that could transfer over into film, television, really any form of media, and still be great. Thank you for writing this series.

Anonymous said...

I have Been waiting with anticipation for the next books I really can't wait please tell me we will see more soon - broadcast 9 and 10?

Florin said...

Hmmm, I am one of the many: silent, observant, stalker. I see that there are few comments so far, but there are thousands and thousands who enjoy this story, but they just keep quiet (as I did over all this years).

Hmmm, I am one of the many: silent, observant, stalker. I see that there are few comments so far, but there are thousands and thousands who enjoy this story, but they just keep quiet (as I did over all this years).

I am glad I found your story, Randolf. Excellently written. I wanted to make this comment: some books had less action and cringe-moments, but I think this is actually good since you want to make an on-going story and so you have to present the battle and also the moments of quietness and peace: a book when the hero is relaxing, doing some farming, enjoying some bacon and a fried egg, sharing some intimate moments with his loved one(s), running with a dog along or scratching the ears of a lazy cat, having a quarrel with a neighbour that does some annoying things and trying to abstain from shooting him dead (the difficult transition from constant threat to times when nothing happens), enjoying the breath taking views on a planet, reflecting a little bit about what he did, and thinking if this lovely existence will last and for how long will it last.

Those slower paced books you wrote gave a more complex identity to the characters and I think they are crucial for a very, very long series as you intend this one to be.

There will always be unsatisfied people. The majority of the fans are silent and just because they don't complain every five minutes about whatever little bits they don't like in whatever book it does not mean that they do not enjoy the story or that they want for things to take a U turn / to change radically. The story attracts the people since if it is the other way around it is simply commercial.

Life and death, peace and war, love and chaos. These all need their pages.

Nigel Wainwright said...

Dear Randolph,always been a SciFi lover started with ee doc smith many years ago,like series of books deathstaker etc,eventually found your books from amazon ,could not put them down ,thought you had finished when Jake wone ,lost ayan etc,just finished warpath,again brilliant,please keep it up ,many thanks ,nigel

Anonymous said...

The link in the FAQ to the online store does not work.