Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Video Drive Book Draw

I'm creating a testimonial style trailer for the Spinward Fringe series and need your help. What I need are video clips of readers talking about the series for 30 seconds or more. What I'd like to see is a measure of enthusiasm about the series, your favourite book, character or feature in the series. Here's what I need in the video:
  • It can be taken with a decent phone cam, web cam, or any other camera I can coax a Youtube worthy video from.
  • The video can be taken anywhere.
  • I have to be able to hear what you're saying.
  • Try to email the video clip here: randylalonde(at)gmail.com. If it doesn't go through we'll arrange something else.
  • Don't add titles or animations please, leave that to me.
  • In your email tell me: your name, if your comfortable with me showing the video individually or if you just want it in the trailer, and where the video was taken.
What exactly will I do with your video? I'll clip it together with parts of other videos I receive and create a testimonial trailer(s) for the series. Some clips may not be used right away. I may show your video on its own unless you tell me you would rather it was only used for the trailer.

When I recieve your video I'll send you a link to the eBook with a code that will make the price of Spiwnard Fringe: Fracture $0.00. If there's another eBook you'd like (that I've written), instead, please let me know. If I receive more than 10 videos I can use I'll conduct a random drawing for 3 free signed and printed books on September 30, 2009 and those three submitters will receive a printed copy of any one books for free! Any usable video submission is eligible. I've received one already and at least one more is on its way. I promise every submitter that I'll cast them in as favourable a light as possible even though I'm sure you don't need the help!

If you're too shy for video but would like to help, you can submit an audio clip. You won't be eligible for the drawing but the first 20 audio clip submitters will receive a free eBook of their choice from my back catalog.

There are a lot of impressive book trailers, but I don't find many of them particularly moving. My manner of thinking is that if I can artfully edit together music, some impressive graphics and some video from my generous readers I might be able to put together a trailer that's as impressive as the reviews you've all been kind enough to write for some of my work. The First Light Chronicles Omnibus at Mobipocket is a great example of this. Seeing that many reviews makes a difference.

Thank you very much for your reading and for your help thus far. I see a future for the Spinward Fringe series and that's why I'm working on the next two books right now. That's why I'm trying to introduce it to more readers. The more the merrier, after all.

There's a lot going on with the Spinward Fringe series right now, so check back for more information soon.


[What do you think of regular book trailers? Do you think a testimonial trailer could be better?]


K.M. Weiland said...

Interesting notion. I've never seen a testimonial video before, but I may give some thought to creating one of my own.

I'm actually *not* a fan of book trailers. I've seen very few that have impressed me. However, I do think that in this visual age, they're an important (and proven) avenue for promotion... so long as they're professionally done.

Randolph said...

I'm gathering materials for two very different trailers that will hopefully be entertaining on their own.

Being an indie author I have to have something that's more impressive than what the publishers are doing, so it's been an interesting project so far to say the least.

I just hope I can get enough audio and video material from readers to make the testimonial version.

Randolph said...

I forgot to mention:

For anyone who wants to see a good book trailer, check out K.M. Weiland's trailer for Behold The Dawn at Youtube: