Monday, March 16, 2009

Mobipocket: Randolph Lalonde Takes Top 4 In Science Fiction

This doesn't happen often to self published authors. I've actually never seen it happen anywhere before, or even heard of it to be honest. I was more than happy to see that The First Light Chronicles Omnibus has been holding at number five site wide on Mobipocket.

To see all of my science fiction novels take over the top four spots in the Science Fiction section of Mobipocket is a huge deal to me. This is despite the recent release of two Star Trek Novels, another very heavily advertised Space Opera series (advertised by Mobipocket, actually), and numerous other works backed by huge publishing companies with big advertising budgets.

I honestly think that this is an important victory, and not because it means more money (I live on about $600.00 a month including donations, which is sustainable for me and I don't think placing high on Mobipocket will change that, but it will probably help maintain it), but because these sales are a direct result of the readers spreading the word about the books. This achievement is a reward for you as much as it is for me, possibly more so.

So while we're all looking at that screen shot, I'd like to take the opportunity to once again thank Mobipocket for allowing self published authors to use their site as a home for their works, and I'd especially like to thank everyone who enjoys my work and who spreads the word to readers who are like minded enough to come aboard.

My dream of telling a good story, of writing full time and entertaining people is coming true in little important steps. With a big, silly grin and a tear or two all I can say is;

Thank you!


Back to work!

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