Monday, March 16, 2009

The Virtual Book Tour: What the hell is it?

If you look as confused and irritated as the guy to the left, I understand. Until just a few months ago I didn't know what a virtual book tour was either and when I heard about it I didn't really catch on at first.

It's pretty simple really. A virtual book tour is where an author who has a blog is invited to post on someone else's blog, do interviews on other podcasts and even appear on camera in some way or another.

The benefits of such appearances is a moderate to large boost in visits to the host's sites and a bit of publicity for the author. All in all, since the blog community thrives on cross linking to other blogs it really benefits everyone.

The difference between the way I'm doing it and the way publishing companies do it is that I'm willing to appear on anyone's blog this time around. I don't care if you get 10 hits a month or 100,000 hits a day, I'll be happy to answer any non-spoiler questions you have (Please keep it to around a dozen unless you want to do an audio interview), and all I ask is that if you have a text blog you allow me to schedule it.

So, when will this virtual book tour begin? That depends on how many destinations I get and how long it takes to gather and coordinate them. I won't start the book tour until I have 7 destinations, and the schedule along with links to the sites and podcasts I'll be appearing on/in will appear here so you can follow me from place to place.

No destination is too small and as long as your site is suitable for teens and older I'll be willing to answer some questions or write on a topic that you request (hopefully you request a topic I know something about). If you're at all interested in me doing something for your site or podcast, drop me an email with your weblink and idea.


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