Friday, June 26, 2009

Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program...

Special thanks to everyone who showed their support for the Wikipedia page yesterday. I'm talking about Iamz, Janet, Elross, the anonymous fan and of course, Somacow.

Some fair edits were made and Pete Tillman, the archivist who replied to the anonymous watchdog who brought the article to his attention, approved it after review material and an link was removed. Thanks for listening to the people who support me most and for giving them time to make the appropriate changes.

Regardless of the online drama yesterday I did manage to get some writing done, but now I'm all pent up and I'm sure I'll get a good chunk of work finished today. It's like this story is a hundred raging bulls bashing at the gate trying to get out and, since I can't write a hundred thousand words in a day, I can only let them out a couple at a time.

Spinward Fringe Rogue Element is looking great already, with a focus on characters that I enjoy, a complexity that I don't think I've managed to build into any book thus far, excitement that comes out of character development, interesting situations and a return to the basics as far as the main players are concerned.

Spinward Fringe Frontline was a very serious novel and a different animal from the rest of the books in many ways. I enjoyed the experience even though the dark journey the characters took was at times difficult to write. There are sections of that book I look back on regularly that make me grin. Two readers have contacted me comparing the book to William Gibson's early work and one went as far as to say that I've added something new to cyberpunk. Great compliments, thank you, and very interesting since I don't see this series as a cyberpunk saga at all. I suppose that's one of the reasons why I feel so free to add whatever I feel I need to keep the stories interesting and moving in the right direction.

I realize that Spinward Fringe Frontline is still a new book for most people and people who read print haven't had a chance to get their hands on it at all. To me it's ancient, I started work on it in November, '08 and it's sold 111 copies. Spinward Fringe Rogue Element is the future I look forward to and it returns us to the roots of the series, with the humour and excitement of the First Light Chronicles and the scale and building complexity that the Spinward Fringe series is just now starting to become known for. This book makes me excited, the idea of pushing forward with all the pieces right where I want them is absolutely thrilling.

I certainly hope everyone is enjoying Spinward Fringe Frontline and I look forward to hearing more of your opinions about the book as more of you finish it. At the same time The First Light Chronicles Omnibus has been moved to the General Fiction category (taking the number 1 spot due to a good sales history in Mobipocket science fiction), so we can invite more people onto this journey.

Spinward Fringe Frontline is going to be available on in print sometime next week. The Kindle version is already available.

I'm also working with another large Canadian EBook E-Tailer (Online Retailer), to broaden the availability of the First Light Chronicles and Spinward Fringe series. From the looks of it the books will be sold at a very reasonable price and I like the tools they provide for their readers.

Now, back to writing Spinward Fringe Rogue Element. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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