Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spinward Fringe Frontline: Available at Lulu.com

I had no idea, but there's apparently a demand for the Spinward Fringe Books in .pdf format. That came as a a surprise since I barely ever use .pdf. I find them pretty inflexible.

Regardless of that, I'm happy to announce that Spinward Fringe Frontline is now available in DRM free .pdf format here.

Sadly, Lulu.com has started charging for providing international print distribution, so I won't be able to use that avenue to get printed editions out to people in the UK. I'm still looking for someone to carry my printed titles out there and in Canada, I'm hoping to find a self publishing partner or publisher soon.

If you don't want to wait for Amazon.com to list Frontline, you can purchase a printed copy from Lulu.com for 19.99.

It's always good to see this book appear in different places and different formats. When I think of Frontline I can't help but compare it to Triton where quality of storytelling is concerned. They were both very serious books that moved the characters along quite a bit and it's hard for me to pick between the two when I try to think of which one I like more.

It'll take a while longer for Amazon.com to begin listing this book and I'll announce its availability the moment it appears.

Thank you to the two readers who told me that they were looking to purchase .pdf versions of my work, I'm glad Lulu.com was able to give me the ability to provide.

As an additional note, I'd like to thank the recent donor and everyone else who has purchased copies of my work and gotten others interested. I would be in a call center cubicle if it weren't for you guys! Keep spreading the word and there's no limit to where this series can go!



Martin Krischik said...

Hi Randolph

There is one thing that bugs me a little:

The Pdf download comes with out DRM while at the same time Mobipocket comes with DRM.

I have seen that combination before and it leaves me with a difficult choice since Pdf are difficult to read on a mobile phone and Mobipocket with DRM has no future. Note that I probably won't be able to read it at all on my next mobile phone.

Of course Fictionswise shows that you can have it all: Mobipocket without DRM.


Randolph said...

Thank you for bringing that up Martin. Sadly I'm limited by my access to vendors. Fictionwise, for example, will only carry my work as it's distributed through Mobipocket, they won't deal with me directly. My access to the iPhone is through the Kindle App, which is now free, thankfully. You see the problem here, I only offer in certain formats because of the formats offered by the various vendors who will work with an Independent like myself. If there were enough direct donations to my site I could offer all the books for free and ensure widespread compatibility. I'm no where near that point, however.

Thanks again for bringing this up, I hope you understand why I'm in a limited position at this point.